Point Arena’s 6th Annual Almost Fringe Festival

Saturday, April 20th!

Almost Fringe Festival Almost Fringe Festival Fringe festival events

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  • Motorcycle Parade to the Lighthouse, 1:00

    Followed by a Back Roads Ride Led by Will Guyan, Former Editor of BMW's publication On The Level, BMW Friend of the Marque.

    Ride for two hours of Backroad Moto Bliss, cornering non-stop
    This ride will leave promptly at 1:00, departing from the Zen House. This will be a fun foray on seldom seen Sonoma and Mendocino County Back-Roads. Everyone is expected to have a full gas tank, water, good tires with good air pressure and flat fixings. Skilled riders only, this is NOT a ride for the inexperienced.

    Registration Required - E-mail Motorcycles@TheZenHouse.net to reserve your spot or call (707) 882-2281

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