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1972 Ducati 750GT
Sammamish, WA
This rare, early production model, sand cast engine arrived at the Zen House, out of the bike, for a complete mechanical rebuild and cosmetic restoration. Once finished, the engine looked and performed better than it did the day it left the showroom floor. Once the motorcycle itself arrived the cosmetic restoration was rounded out with a custom tank and fenders created by the renowned Evan Wilcox.

This motorcycle represents the pinnacle of development for Ducati. First introduced at the Olympia motorcycle Show in London in 1971, the Ducati 750 GT immediately made a splash. However, those eager for a new 750 GT had to be patient. The first 404 sand cast case motors were built entirely by hand. It took Ducati mechanics 40 hours to completely assemble a motor and set up the bevel-gear drive.