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1975 Moto Morini 3 1/2 Sport
Hopland, CA
While a complete restoration was performed before arriving at The Zen House the bike was never completed and ran poor at best. After sourcing out the correct ignition and re-jetting the carburetors everything was running correctly again. Additional parts had to be manufactured in order to accommodate the aftermarket rear sets.

The company Moto Morini was originally established in 1937 in Bologna, Italy. In 1970 Franco Lambertini left Ferrari to work for Moto Morini, where he proved himself an innovative designer. The Moto Morini 3 1/2 was the first Lambertini design and debuted at the Milan show in 1971; it was available on the market from 1973 from 1987. Quite different from the typical midsized bike of the era, the 344cc engine was a 72-degree V-twin and boasted many features from the automotive world. Heron heads, which were popular on racing cars, were utilized, where the combustion chamber is machined into the piston instead of the cylinder head. A toothed timing belt driving the camshaft was also a first for a motorcycle engine. The lower end featured a wet sump and a one-piece crankshaft with automotive-style, bolt-together connecting rods riding on plain bearings. The transmission was a six-speed, fed through a dry clutch. With a unique exhaust note, good torque and smooth power delivery, this rare machine was unique on the market.