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1958 Ducati 175 Sport
Hopland, CA
Although this bike was mechanically sound and had competed in several Giro D'California events, it was in dire need of a cosmetic restoration. This bike was completely stripped for a fuel tank repair, and paint job. During re-assembly an electrical restoration was performed, as well.

The 175 was the first Ducati production machine to be offered with the single overhead cam and bevel driven engine when it was launched at the 1956 Milan show. Manufactured from 1957-62, the bike's engine was a direct descendent of Taglioni's 98cc Gran Sport Marianna. The little racer boasted a whip-free chassis, a dry weight of just 229 lbs and large full aluminum brake hubs. These features ensured that the 175 handled and stopped better than anything else in its class. Though the unmistakable "jelly mold" fuel tank is both whimsical and elegant, the machine was capable of 84mph and could almost achieve 100mpg.